Ola Helland

Laerdal Medical, Designleder

Ja takk, hjerne

I dette foredraget/eksperimentet skaper deltakerne innholdet til foredraget mens det pågår.

Foredraget går gjennom forskning av hjernen og hvordan intuisjonen vår svært ofte tar feil på veldig enkle observasjoner. Publikum blir dratt inn som eksempler som (forhåpentligvis) speiler forskningen og gjør det enormt tydelig at ingen er unnlatt den menneskelige late intuisjonen.

Vi som designere må være veldig bevisst på dette når vi gjør vår egen research, og når vi tolker andres data.

Om Ola Helland

Ola  er en interessant fyr. Han har skrevet manus for Brille og Praktisk Info med Jon Almaas, vært head of UX for Lyse-konsernet, design lead for NRK TV og jobber for tiden som designleder for Laerdal Medical.

Dette står å lese på hjemmesiden hans:

Here are some quick facts about me, one of which is a lie:

  • I have lived in Tanzania, Nepal, China, the US, Spain, England and Norway.
  • I have peed on a tree next to the president of Botswana.
  • I have my own record label, idiotRecords.
  • I have been arrested on the border between Mongolia and Russia.
  • I have won two short film competitions, one in 2009 with a 10 000 NOK prize.
  • I have held talks at major conferences in the US, UK, Nigeria, Sweden and Norway.
  • I have run a subsea half marathon.
  • I have had my own top ranked radio show.
  • I have done several high paying stand-up gigs.
  • I have written three self-published books and two publisher-released books.
  • I have spent 10 days in North Korea.
  • I have been a screenwriter for the popular science/comedy TV-show «Brille», and for «Praktisk Info Med Jon Almaas».
  • I have traveled to 55 countries.
  • I have worked as a farmer in the US, Tanzania, Nepal and China.
  • I have been mistaken for a homeless person and given money on the sidewalks of Toronto.
  • I have biked across Cuba.
  • I have paid a marching band to play an unannounced concert in my boss’ tiny office for her 60th birthday.
  • I have been to an illegal rave in Hong Kong.
  • I have pet a wild lion in Zambia.
  • I have worked closely with the Swedish artrockers Bob Hund since 2001.
  • I have tried to sneak into a prison in Bolivia.
  • I have taken the «Big Five» personality test with the brilliant Nils Brenna and I will happily share the report with you.
  • I have been sexually harassed in Japan.
  • I have been dead twice.
  • I have started something that was wrongfully interpreted as an anti-government protest in China.
  • I have stumbled upon a leopard while hiking unarmed in Namibia.
  • I have played saxophone on stage with Frank Znort Quartet.
  • I have been kidnapped in the mountains of Burma.
  • I have locked myself out of the car in the middle of the Gobi desert in Mongolia.
  • I have walked down the highest free standing mountain in the world, together with Asterix.
  • I have a bus driver’s license.
  • I have made videos that have over 300 000 views in total.
  • I have moved a couch by bike across the town of Kristiansand.
  • I am part of the mandatory curriculum for a Masters degree in Strategic Management at several Norwegian universities.
  • I have been knocked down by a police officer in New York City.
  • I have collected one million hand made giraffes from all over the world in 440 days.
  • I have attended Burning Man, Glastonbury, Fuji Rock, Coachella, Roskilde, Hultsfred and countless other music festivals over the years.
  • I took a selfie every day for five years (before selfie was even a word) and made a music video out of them.