Yuval Keshtcher

Microcopy & UX Writing, founder (Co-founder of & UX Writing Hub)

UX writing:

Why your product team should hire a writer

As we kick off 2019, we find that UX Writing is in a rare and unique position. It’s a new field with huge demand, yet the supply of experienced UX Writers is surprisingly limited. Even more surprising is the lack of available options to learn UX Writing—there is no UX writing academy, no UX Writing major at any university, and until very recently there weren’t even any UX writing training programs.

After creating the largest UX writing discussion group in the world and gathering contacts from hundreds of companies that regularly hire UX Writers for their teams, we’ve put together a 5 step plan that will help you break into this mysterious and rewarding field.

After attending Yuval’s session:

  • Writers will know what they should do if they want to work in tech.
  • Designers will learn how to collaborate better with writers.
  • Product people would understand core values of product writing
  • Students would know more about the field of UX Writing and product design

Join this talk if you are eager to learn about the content first approach and all of the delightful digital products that can be created using the art of content design.

Om Yuval Keshtcher

Yuval spent years of his life intrigued by the power of communication and the impact that language has on our cognitive behavior.

A large part of his audience comes from the microcopy & ux writing group he founded on Facebook, which boasts over 5K members to date.

He started this group as a way for professionals to inspire one another and discuss and share ideas. I believe, as UX designers and writers, we have to work towards building better relationships between users and their digital products.